Lazy Boy Recliner Troubleshooting [Complete Solution Guide]

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Lazy Boy Recliner Troubleshooting

Recliners are a must-have appliance in modern homes. Do you have a La-Z-Boy recliner at your home?

The recliner just goes right with every house. Where you return after a long hectic day and seek comfort.

But what if you face problems while using the Lazy Boy recliner?

Sometimes it is known to get negative public opinion. There are certain ways to avoid such complications. In this article, I will tell you that.

Lazy Boy Recliner Troubleshooting Methods

Lazy Boy Recliner Troubleshooting Methods


Customers are usually seen talking about the Lazy Boy Recliners’ problems.

If you are a new user of this brand, you should know how to troubleshoot your recliner in case you face problems too.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting

Before you go through this process, know about the power outage. Check out if your transformer is working or not.

If not then you have to replace your transformer (Check Here: Youlian YL Electric Sofa Recliner Transformer Charger or Lift Chair Power Adapter 29V 2A) so that you can use the recliner.

If your transformer is alright, you have to go back to the recliner. You will also need to check your outlet. All you have to do is plug in one lamp or light and check if the outlet is working or not.

If the outlet is alright, there must be difficulty in the wiring of the Lazy Boy Recliner.

For troubleshooting the recliner, you have to check if any of the objects are caught in the wires.

Any objects near the wires may interrupt the proper connection.

For examining the recliner, you will need one flashlight. You have to wiggle the wires one by one so that you can understand if any of them is loose or not.

The process should be gentle and slow. If you get any loose wires then you have to try to reconnect them. For securing them in the future, you may get electrical tape and secure them.

After checking the loose wires, go for the cuts of the recliners.

If there are cuts in the back of the recliners, you have to locate them. You have to link the loose ends and then you have to attach them.

Here also, you have to take the help of electrical tape.

Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism

The first problem you will face while using a recliner is the problem related to the mechanism.

The power settings of a recliner are not easy to understand. Then how would you repair a Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism?

There will be times when Lazy Boy recliners won’t get power. If your recliner does not even start, how can you take advantage of a recliner?

Most of the La-Z-Boy recliners usually have this problem. Before solving the problem, you have to understand the cause.

For this problem, you have to go for the Lazy Boy Recliner Back Repair. First of all, you have to turn your recliner chair over so that you are able to examine the bottom part of your chair.

Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner Locking Mechanism

The recliners of the market usually use two different methods of movement.

One sort of recliner moves with the help of power or electric power. There are also recliners available that work with the help of a lever.

There are recliners by La-Z-Boy that use the power option and also work like a rocking chair or rocker. In these recliners, the LEVER method is used.

Now, the lever works by pushing and pulling the whole recliner. This method of moving can easily make the recliner tough to use.

You will sometimes see that the recliner is not moving. You may also see that the footrest of the Lazy Boy Recliner is unable to move.

No one wants this kind of problem in their recliner and so you have to abide by some specific guidelines.

If the recliner is not providing any movement then you have to hold the lever of your recliner first.

You have to hold in any position you want. Then you have to keep holding it there for about 7-8 seconds. This will stop the problem from occurring.

Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism


Fix Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest

If you are using a Lazy Boy recliner for years, you have surely faced the problem regarding the recliner footrest. Let us talk about the recliner footrest.

How to fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Footrest? How to fix a recliner that leans to one side?

If your footrest is just leaning and not doing work then you will not be able to solve this.

This usually happens when any mechanism of the recliner breaks inside. You may also find some mechanisms bent over. There might be problems regarding the chair frame.

All you can do is to call a technician so that you can identify the actual problem and solve that to get your recliner back into the previous position.

Lazy Boy Leather Repair

All of the Lazy Boy Recliners that are made of leather use high-quality leather that affords durability and comfort.

If you use the recliner for many years, you surely will face cracks in the leather along with discoloration.

If this happens, you have to brush away all of the dirt first and wash the surface.

For washing the leather, you can go for mild soap and a damp cloth. Use alcohol with the damp cloth to wipe the leather.

Take a leather repair kit and fill all of the cracks. Use a spoon here.

Now take 240-grit sandpaper. All you have to do is sand the filler down area. Level it and repeat the process with the help of 400-grit sandpaper.

Use the leather solution and use a soft sponge here. Level it again and make sure that the area is equal.

Fix Recliner Pull Handle

There are times when you get depressed with your recliner because the handle of the recliner gets broken.

Missing handles or broken handles are of no use. If you face difficulties like this, the only way for troubleshooting your Lazy Boy Recliner is to go through a replacement handle from Amazon (Buy One Now: Stander Recliner Lever Extender).

After getting the replacement, you have to press the footrest of your recliner into the place where it is closed.

Turn the recliner over and identify the screw of the handle. You have to remove the screw that is retaining.

For this, you can use any appropriate tool. Pull away the handle and the protective cover.

Now, set the replacement handle there and insert the screw. Tighten the screw to secure it. You are done!

Lazy Boy Recliner Repair Manual

Lazy Boy Recliner Repair Manual

The recliners by Lazy Boy are famous for being reliable and sophisticated.

If you find any problems in using the recliner, the Lazy Boy Recliner Repair Manual can help you.

Are you searching for Lazy Boy Recliner Manuals? There is a manufacturer’s website of the La-Z-Boy company.

If you are willing to get the manufacturer’s manual, you can through the website of the brand.

You have to get into their Home Page and scroll down. You will get an option called Customer Care.

Here, you will be able to get the opportunity to get customer service. If you go to the link, you will get Product Manuals there.

You can check the Product Manuals on their site. Unfortunately, you will not get the product manuals for all of the models of Lazy Boy Recliner.

There, you will only get a manual that suits all of the recliners.

But if you want things to be specific, you can go for the product manual for different mechanisms of your recliner.

Lazy Boy Recliner Spring Diagram

Lazy Boy Recliner Spring Diagram

When you download the Product Manuals of the Lazy Boy Recliners from the site of the company, you will get some additional benefits too.

You can get the specific instructions for the mechanisms of the recliner.

Along with that, you will be able to get the methods of taking care of the products.

If you are a newbie, then downloading the manuals will be the best option. You will get spring diagrams so that you can understand the mechanism more correctly.

If you want to know your product and troubleshoot it, the Spring Diagrams by the Lazy Boy Recliner will be the best option for you to go for.

The manuals along with the diagram will let you decide and understand the recliner and will show you paths for using and troubleshooting the recliner in the proper ways.

If you are a user of Lazy Boy Recliner, you will be very happy to know that the recliners by La-Z-Boy make you go through fewer problems than the recliners of different brands.

The recliners are enough sturdy and durable to ensure longevity. The difficulty you will face while using the recliners by Lazy Boy can be counted in numbers.

All you have to do is select your recliner properly and know the mechanisms of the recliners.


If you know about the mechanisms then you can fix the problems by troubleshooting them by yourself.

To know about the mechanism, go through their website. If you are buying the recliner online, make sure that you can get a replacement if you need it.

The warranty of the product will afford you replacements if needed. You can also repair the recliner with the help of the service providers.

All we can say is, know your recliner. Only then you will be able to solve the problems. Till then, stay safe and rock the world with your recliner!