Catnapper Recliners Reviews in 2022: Find Out The Best

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Catnapper Recliners ReviewsAnother one of the most common names in homes across America, Jackson Catnapper furniture has been held in high esteems since 1933.

It all began when Mr. W. Ray Jackson started Jackson Furniture during the Great Depression. Their doors were opened regardless of the hardships this family faced.

This family has continued to manufacture furniture, right here on US soil.

They’ve been through it all, the years of American prosperity, war, difficulties and the amazing advancements.

As a family owned business, they know what it means to make a house a home; the comfort and warmth needed.

They’ve been through it all, the years of American prosperity, war, difficulties and the amazing advancements. As a family owned business, they know what it means to make a house a home; the comfort and warmth needed.

Regardless of all of these decades of change, there is always one constant; the warmth and love that families share when they relax in a home with comfortable furniture.

They have produced various types of furniture, but today we will be focusing on their offerings in terms of recliners. People believe that this is one of the best brands overall. Created right here in the United States of America, these recliners are the best when you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long, hard day. They never lack in terms of support, comfort and style.

There is no limit to the options when it comes to this start of the art brand. Its true, there is a Catnapper recliner out there for each and every one of us. Whether you prefer a traditional, classic style recliner or you are in search of something that provides more motion and range there is something Catnapper can provide.

Some are even power operated with great features for the disabled, these functions can even provide assistance those who need help standing, as well as amazing recliners with built in massagers adding even more pleasure and relaxation.

Here, we are here to talk about a list of various recliners that range from single recliners with basic functions to their incredible powered motorized recliners all the way to their reclining sofas. All the information in this article comes from various Catnapper recliner review.

A wide range of recliners were chosen and the list was then narrowed down into the top six. The differences were chosen to give an idea of the full range of options provided by Catnapper.

All Catnapper recliners feature their solid Hardwood interior which ensures that the furniture is sturdy and long lasting.

So here is the compiled list based on Catnapper Recliners Reviews from different sites, to make it much easier to choose one that suits you.

Catnapper Recliners Reviews

Catnapper Recliners Reviews

1. Catnapper Dual-motor, Powerlift, Full Layout Recliner

To begin we will first look at a power lift chair or medical recliner. With the advances in both medicine and technology this recliner, which could not exist before, was made possible.

Now more than ever, these chairs have been made to be more comfortable and useful to anyone with a physical disability or someone who simply needs more convenient comfort.

They have become more and more effective over time and and as a result, they continue to grow in popularity. Engineered and designed to make life easier, this chair will change the way you relax at an affordable price with no compromise in terms of quality.

Things We Liked

  • Dual motor function which allows the footrest and back to move independently
  • Gel infused foam helps relieve stress by stimulating key body pressure points
  • Uses premium fabrice to ensure elegance and style with each option
  • Sturdy Hardwood interior

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Assembly required
  • Larger than expected
  • Odd positioning for footrest

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2. Catnapper Teddy Bear Recliner

Rocking, swiveling, gliding and reclining! Looking for chair that does it all? Well look no further.

The Catnapper Teddy Bear Recliner can do all of this and more. It has the signature sturdy, Hardwood interior that keeps the Catnapper quality up to standard.

In addition to the wonderful range of motion and incredible interior, this recliner also has an exceptional upholstery. Customers were blown away by the deep cushioning and springs which provide extra support.

The mechanism itself is also easy to use and maneuver for most people. Comfort is definitely a strong point for this recliner.

Things We Liked

  • Almost full 180-degree reclining
  • Swiveling Motion
  • Rocking Base
  • Recline without legrest
  • Very comfortable deep cushioning
  • Microfiber fabric covering

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Fabric Upholstery not very ‘high end’ looking or feeling
  • Large and heavy, making it difficult to move
  • Mechanisms make loud noises when being used

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3. Catnapper Cloud 12 Power, Chaise Recliner

One of the newer recliners from the Jackson Catnapper family is the CLOUD 12, a recliner with a name that speaks for itself.

You’ll feel as though you are floating on cloud nine with this recliner’s full layout function. Lasting seat strength and comfort comes from its eight gauge spring system that it features with an incredible reclining mechanism for smooth and quiet operation.

Being manufactured by the one and only Catnapper, you can rest assured that this follows the standards for quality home furnishings. They offer a wide variety of reclining chairs, sofas, motion sofas, powered reclining sofas, and other reclining furniture.

Things We Liked

  • Full Lay out Function
  • Fully Powered reclining
  • Steel base for stability and longevity
  • Spacious and comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There are not many downsides to this recliner, except the size and weight

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4. Catnapper Power Lift Full Lay-Out Recliner

Perfect for the Elderly and physically disabled, Catnapper has produced this power lift full Lay out recliner.

As people grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to move around as they were able to in the past. Thus comfort and convenience become more and more important.

This chair helps with when our bodies start losing the range of motion or simply for when you want a better way to relax, perfect for having living room conversations, watching movies together, reading and relaxing. The technology this chair uses today was not available in the past. One of the most convenient and efficient chairs available today. You can’t go wrong.

Things We Liked

  • Fully powered reclining motion
  • Comfort coil seating
  • Single motion three position reclining
  • Polyester fabric upholstery perfect for easy cleaning
  • Can assist with standing and sitting

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Assembly required
  • Not very ‘high end’ looking

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5. Catnapper Magnum Recliner Chair

It features an amazing Xtra comfort, extended footrest for those six feet and over. 100% cotton adds to the super soft and comfortable upholstery with extra cushioning.

There is nothing better than coming home to this chair, sitting down with a good book or magazine and letting your stress melt away with the built in heating system and massager.

Things We Liked

  • Heating and massaging features
  • Extra room for leg extension
  • Recline without the leg rest
  • Extra soft upholstery with extra cushioning

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Large frame and weight may be too much for some people
  • Cotton fabric easily absorbs spills and is very susceptible to staining
  • Very busy pattern is not very neutral and might be ‘too much’ for some decor schemes

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6. Catnapper Transformer Ultimate, Reclining Sofa

What could be better than a Catnapper Reclining chair? How about their reclining sofas?

The Catnapper Transformer Ultimate, Reclining Sofa offers the classic hardwood interior for long lasting quality paired with sturdy steel springs and for the exterior, soft chenille polyester fabric for added comfort and easy cleaning.

In between those two is the extremely padded design with foam encased coils and they even threw in well designed decorative pillows to add to the decor.

You just can’t go wrong with this luxuriously, chunky sofa, the perfect addition to any living room.

Things We Liked

  • Soft chenille polyester fabric for comfort paired with easy cleaning
  • Solid hardwood frame, steel gauges, foam covered coils

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Less than ‘high end’ appearance
  • Chunky furniture may not be for everyone

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How to care for your recliners

How to care for your recliners


When it comes to care and maintenance for your recliners, due to the fact that there are various fabrics and other upholsteries the cleaning methods would also vary.

Before we specify any of them, here we have some general instructions for keeping your recliner nice and clean.
To prevent soils generally, vacuum cleaner with an attachment that can reach the small creases should be used or any non-metallic brush with stiff bristles to remove dust and prevent grime. Keep in mind, in order to avoid damaging your upholstery any aggressive stains or terribly soiled conditions should be taken care of by a professional upholstery cleaning company.

In order for you to properly clean fabrics and limit any damage that might occur, the type of fabric must first be determined. On the recliner, there should be a tag with the relevant information, such as the fabric type and the code for cleaning.
Each code has its corresponding cleaning instructions.

The codes and their instructions are as follows:

Code W:

  • Only use water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner
  • Do not wet excessively
  • No solvents
  • Avoid oversaturation with any liquids
  • Brushing may be required to restore appearance in Pile Fabrics
  • Cushion covers do not need to be removed and placed in the laundry or dry cleaned

Code S:

  • Only dry-cleaning solvents should be used
  • Avoid oversaturation
  • Never use water
  • Brushing may be required to upkeep the look in Pile Fabrics
  • Cushion covers do not need to be taken off and placed in the laundry or dry cleaned

Code WS:

  • Only use water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaners
  • Do not wet excessively
  • No solvents
  • Avoid over-saturation with any liquids
  • Brushing may be required to restore appearance in Pile Fabrics
  • Cushion covers do not need to be taken off and placed in the laundry or dry cleaned

Code X:

  • No cleaning using either water or solvent-based cleaner
  • Only vacuuming or light brushing should be used


Caring for leather upholstered recliners can be very different from dealing with fabrics. Though cleaning is much easier, there are specific things to look out for when dealing with leather. However, once properly cared for, the beauty and classic appearance of leather furnishings can last for many years at a time.

There are various types of leather and each of these types have their very own specifications in terms of care and cleaning. Any serious or intense staining should be addressed by a professional cleaning company, but here are some general tips for leather upholstery care:

  • Always try to keep two feet or more between all leather furniture and any heating sources. Extended exposure to any heating vents or radiators will cause your leather become dry and crack
  • Try to avoid placing leather furniture directly in sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause materials to eventually fade as time goes by when exposed for too long. Aniline leathers are particularly sensitive when it comes to sunlight. Never place furniture with Aniline leather near windows or under skylights.
  • Similarly with most items found at home, leather will also collect dust over time. With a slightly damp soft cloth and a Leather upholstery cleaner wipe and dust your leather furniture weekly. You can also use a softer brush attachment from your vacuum cleaner. Leather is ideal for those sensitive to dust, or have allergies since you can completely remove dust particles quite easily.
  • Leather will always perform better when the proper measures are taken to maintain it and prevent any damage or soiling.
  • For Aniline and Protected leathers, it is better to apply a protective coat of the proper treatment cream to the surface to help repel staining and avoid overall soiling. The most important areas are the high use areas like seats, backs, and arms.
  • Generally as a rule, ensure that the furniture is deep cleaned with the appropriate cleaners at least twice a year to remove accumulated dirt, body oils and perspiration. Aniline leathers tend to be extremely absorbent and require more frequent cleaning when used often. Always re-apply the protection creams or wax to replace the protection levels.
  • Chemicals or cleaning agents that are harsh are never to be used on your leather furniture. Avoid using products that contain solvents or oils as these can negatively impact the overall wellbeing of the leather.


So we can all agree, Catnapper recliners are some of the best in the country. With so much variety to choose from it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to start, so hopefully this review helped you out. It just goes to show, there is one out there for everyone.

Whether you are looking for reclining chairs, sofas, motion sofas, powered reclining sofas, and other reclining furniture. If it’s one thing Catnapper has definitely gotten the hang of it is creating extremely comfortable, cozy, big boy furniture. If dainty style and classic, chic looks are what you are in search of, this may not be the brand for you.

While sturdy and dependable, their furniture can also be considered clunky as well as a bit on the bulkier and heavier side. Not to mention if you are not someone who is more comfortable and knowledgeable with assembling your furniture and you prefer readily assembled pieces, Catnapper may not be up your ally.

Many of the pieces require a good bit of assembly and, as you would expect, can malfunction if not assembled properly. It may not be as complicated as IKEA furniture, but it certainly is not ready to use out of the box. College students and small apartment owners beware, the size and weight of these pieces may by far too much for little spaces.

Like many have mentioned before, it’s the perfect family furniture. Catnapper, being a family owned business has ‘nailed’ the warmth and comfort associated with the home. However, you may not see too many of these pieces in a modern office space or a sleek modern apartment. Both the style and size would not allow for this.

Hopefully this article provided some insight into the wonderful brand of Jackson Catnapper.