Catnapper vs LaZy Boy: Which One To Choose in 2022

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Catnapper vs La-Z-BoyYou should know a recliner chair’s types first. It helps you to choose the best choice for your personal usage. To help with that, we’ve taken two leading recliner chair manufacturers – Catnapper and Lazy boy. You will find which will be more suitable for you in this Catnapper vs Lazy boy comparison. Below, I will go straight to product recommendations. I suggested chairs from both companies based on some attributes. These are

Click on your desired attribute’s name to get chair recommendations for the attribute from both lazy boy and catnapper. If you want to know them in detail, click here.

Let’s get started: Catnapper vs LaZy Boy

catnapper vs lazy boy

Two Top Companies

Two of the most well-known brands when it comes to quality furniture are Catnapper and La-Z-Boy. Both names are seen in homes and offices throughout America and have been deemed two of the most trusted brands of furniture.

Catnapper Recliner Review:

Another one of the most common names in homes across America, Jackson Catnapper furniture has been held in high esteems since 1933.

Catnapper ReviewIt all began when Mr. W. Ray Jackson started Jackson Furniture during the Great Depression. Their doors were opened regardless of the hardships this family faced. This family has continued to manufacture furniture, right here on US soil.

They’ve been through it all, the years of American prosperity, war, difficulties, and amazing advancements. As a family-owned business, they know what it means to make a house a home; the comfort and warmth needed.

Regardless of all of these decades of change, there is always one constant; the warmth and love that families share when they relax in a home with comfortable furniture.

They have produced various types of furniture, but today we will be focusing on their offerings in terms of recliners. People believe that this is one of the best brands overall.

Created right here in the United States of America, these recliners are the best when you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long, hard day. They never lack in terms of support, comfort, and style. There is no limit to the options when it comes to this start of the art brand.

Whether you prefer a traditional, classic style recliner or you are in search of something that provides more motion and range there is something Catnapper can provide.

Some are even power operated with great features for the disabled, these functions can even provide assistance to those who need help standing, as well as amazing recliners with built-in massagers adding even more pleasure and relaxation.

La-Z-Boy Recliner Review
For over ninety (90) years, the La-Z-Boy brand has been committed to producing quality products for its customers worldwide.

La-Z-Boy ReviewFrom its beginning in 1927 when its first reclining, a wooden chair was produced La-Z-Boy has continued to be one of the number one (1) brands in America.

They were the first to create the renowned recliner and have been people’s first choice for many years.

Only recently, other brands like Flexsteel have begun to pose some sort of competition.

Nonetheless, La-Z-Boy remains committed to quality, craftsmanship and what they call the ‘American Legacy’. They pride themselves on the fact that all of their products are made here on American soil.

They have now moved on to produce more than just recliners and also provide other furnishing items. These include pieces for the Living room, Dining room, Bedroom, Offices and much more.

Comparison Between Lazy Boy and Catnapper

Catnapper vs La-Z-Boy


In terms of comfort, I picked one recliner chair from both Catnapper and La-Z boy. I ruled out outlook and other less important features like thin structure, price, etc. It is to help you find the most comfortable reclining chair from both manufacturers.


Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner – Chocolate

This one is the most comfortable reclining chair so far I’ve tested. And why not? I told you about Catnapper’s mastery over comfort. And Catnapper wanted this reclining chair to be one of the most comfortable chairs. The name reflects it too. They named it after Cloud.

When you think of a soft, fluffy-looking cloud – doesn’t it remind you of an utter comfort? Let me give you a quick overview of this reclining chair. Why it is the most comfortable catnapper over there?

  • Total cushioning. Scientifically placed hand rest and footrest. You can put your hands and feet on for a long time without stress.
  • Full layout function. Get laid!!!
  • A bit offtopic, but it will be durable too. a hundred percent steel box beneath it. It is what they call, a unitized steel base. It is known to prevent further wear.

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Lazy boy

Lazy boy is a bit behind of Catnapper in terms of comfort. But they are more healthy than the catnappers. La-z boy chairs assure needed back position. Since you will be passing a significant time laying here, this is kind of an important fact.

La-Z-Boy Niagara Reclina-Rocker Recliner

In my opinion, this is the most comfortable from the Lazy boy’s reclining chair line-up. I did not try all of lazy boy’s reclining chairs. If you know a more comfortable lazy boy reclining chair, feel free to apprise me.

Here’s why I found it more comfortable.

  • Good quality foam seat
  • Broad pillow back ensures required back posture
  • Sturdy legrest – 3 positions.
  • Convenient lever position for adjusting legrest.

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Catnapper recliners:
4.5 out of 5
La-Z boy recliners:
4 out of 5


When looking for cheap reclining chairs, just confirm that it will last longer. Also, validate the basic functions are there.


Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner in Doe

Price is very much within range here. If you want a cheaper than this reclining chair, look into the next chair from La-z boy.

  • It’s cheaper than other Catnapper chairs, but does it last? There is no warping or splitting. The steel beneath it is sturdy too
  • You can adjust the heat and massage settings according to your preference from the three preset settings.

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Lazy boy

La-Z-Boy Mason Reclina-Rocker Recliner

This is the cheapest La-z boy reclining chair. It is personally tested so quality is ensured. Feel free to ease your reclining chair need without breaking your wallet.

  • Check the fifth feature of the amazon product page. Ensures durability, do not worry.
  • You can operate the basic function using the convenient side-mounted handle.

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Catnapper recliners:
4 out of 5
La-Z boy recliners:
5 out of 5


While looking for a durable reclining chair, confirm that it can carry a higher weight.


Catnapper Power Lift Full Lay-Out Recliner

This reclining chair’s main plus point is its weight capacity. It can grasp a lot of weight.

  • Weight capacity – 450 lbs
  • Durable polyester fabric

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Lazy boy

La-Z-Boy Calvin PowerReclineXR Reclina-Rocker Recliner

This is one of the most minimalistic reclining chairs available right now. Too bulky reclining chairs tend to get ruined sooner.

  • There are four buttons for the functions. You can recline the back with or without the legrest. This ensures much more longevity.
  • The cushion is chosen keeping extra lifetime in mind.

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Catnapper recliners:
5 out of 5
La-Z boy recliners:
4 out of 5


In this area, Catnapper has a clear advantage. They have a number of collections that offer various styles and designs. From this wide range of collections, you can choose.

These Catnappers will match your corporate needs since they are stylish. They even have a collection of items specifically for institutions and offices.

La-z boy recliners are comfy, well built. But most of them are too bulky in my view. That’s why, if you want to ornament your home or office with a reclining chair, you should look for a Catnapper. Here are some recommendations:

Please do apprise me, if you find a cool-looking La-z boy reclining chair.

Catnapper Polyester Rocker Recliner in Ash

I usually recommend avoiding rexine leather. Because of their lesser lifetime comparing other materials. But anyway, if they are used properly with care – they can still last longer. And if you want to go for a ravishing look, a rexine-covered reclining chair is hard to beat.

So if you do not mind rexine, it’s your best bet I think.

  • Radius arm design. It enhances beauty.
  • Double stitching is used. It looks great too.
  • The fabric is made of faux leather. It breaks later comparing other rexine leather types.
  • Three available colors

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Catnapper Power Lift Recliner with Pillowtop Seat

If you do not want to go for any type of rexine, I have another recommendation for you. Its Catnapper power lift recliner.

  • Polyester made.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Padded arms confirm comfort.
  • Four available colors

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Catnapper Owens Power Lumbar Power Lay Flat Recliner in Doe

You want a stylish reclining chair, but want maximum comfort too. You should look into this chair.

  • Comfort control panel
  • Luxury Soft polyester-made cushioning. Very comfortable.
  • Three available colors

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This is not as stylish as the previous one. But you will love spending time on this chair.


Catnapper recliners:
5 out of 5
La-Z boy recliners:
2.5 out of 5

Another favorable mention

Seatcraft Pantheon Big & Tall 400 lbs Capacity Home Theater Seating Leather Power Recline

If you want a great combination of comfort, durability, and style – I have another great recommendation.

Affordability won’t come bundled with it, I am afraid, haha. But anyway, in a sense it is affordable too.

I was talking about a great choice, it’s the Seatcraft Pantheon. Seatcraft is widely known for delivering marvelous home theatre seating chairs. And the prices are very reasonable too, counting the total package you will get here.

Let me give you some hints

  • It is a theatre chair, you know how alluring they can be. You should check the images. Click here.
  • Weight capacity is 400lbs here. And the seat itself is much wider and taller than usual.

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Memory function:

I will be talking about a great feature that will love. You can adjust the back, headrest and leg rest separately. Not only that, you will find a very handy button on your left. Laid on the side of your right armrest.
It saves the current settings. So, you can recline the chair as you wish with a tap of a button. Just press it, the chair will move you to your favorite position.

Soundshaker ready:

This chair is sound-shaker-ready. You can additionally purchase a standalone sound shaker unit with an amp, and connect with it. This will able you to experience a fuller movie experience.

This unit won’t be available with the chair. It’s a letdown.

However, you can always purchase one. Click here to check some sound shaker buying options.

I didn’t say anything about how gorgeous it can be. There are dim, ravishing blue lights installed under the cup holder and beneath the legrest. It felt like a dream to me after turning the lights on. Please turn off the room light to experience the best.

So, saying again, if you want style, comfort, durability and in a sense – affordability; all in one place; I recommend you buy it.


What do people look for?

So, what is it that most people look for? In recliner chairs, six things matter in our opinion.

Now, It's your decision, what do you want from your recliner chair?

Below, I will be describing some facts about these four stated above. You may read them if you wish. But If you want to jump to your desired recliner chair right now, click on the title to jump.


Home is our haven, the place we go to relax and unwind after a long day.

Most people seek comfort in recliner chairs. This is something Jackson Catnapper has definitely mastered.

While seeking comfort, you should ensure full-body support too. Otherwise, it will hamper the regular body posture. That's injurious health.

Comfort also deals with function to an extent. Senior citizens require easy and smooth reclining. So you should look for that too.

Most recliners provide aid in terms of easy movement of chairs. Some even provide aid to stand by moving up the seat. Some chairs will provide swivel or rocking functions. You may want to look for that too. Because this is a kind of comfort too.


A lot of customers seek affordability. And why not, recliner chairs are quite expensive. Very few are able to make large purchases like furniture without paying close attention to cost.

Anyway, it is important that you ensure your money is well spent. Ensure basic functions in your affordable recliner chair. Or where is fun!!

And yes, check other customers' reviews for durability too. You do not want a chair that breaks soon.


Style is another major deciding factor. Beautiful furniture enhances your house's overall attraction. You should consider uniqueness, build, craftsmanship, materials, colors, textures, etc if you want to go for the style.

Whenever you are going to buy furniture, keep the surrounding in mind too. I am talking about where you want to put the newly purchased furniture. You may go for a neutral choice. You might even go for a bold choice too regarding your current furniture setup. It is completely up to your taste.

For this reason, you should look thoroughly at a brand. How's their line-up? Are they too bold or have matched your taste? Such you can narrow down your brand choice.


In my opinion, this is the most important factor. You are going to invest a handsome amount behind a recliner chair, do not regret it. It is a bad feeling, trust me. I have been there.

Look for warranty and fellow customers' reviews. It will help you to gather insight into your intended product's durability.

Anyway, durability also relies on usage. If you are careful enough, your recliner chair is likely to last long.

Another thing, you should avoid rexine. rexine leather tends to break sooner than other materials.


In terms of the mechanism and actual build, La-Z-Boy is known for its patented reclining mechanism. It is tried and true for ninety (90) years.

This gives their recliners several superior functions. Such as adjustable tension. It allows selecting the amount of effort for the reclining motion's activation.

Moreover, their three-position adjustable leg rest contains two locking mechanisms on both sides. It allows optimum positioning. You can find this handle on the side, very much within the reach of your hand.

On the other hand, Catnapper is known for its hardwood interior. It pairs with an eight gauge spring system. it ensures an incredible reclining mechanism for smooth and quiet operation. The seats have an almost mattress-like comfort with foam-covered coils in each one.

In terms of mechanism, both Catnapper and La-Z boy produces good recliner chairs. You can get a reflection on that in my rating given below.


One of the main concerns when it comes to furniture is accessibility for the disabled and elderly. There are many brands that provide quality furniture specifically for this purpose.

Both brands provide a range of powered recliners, which require minimal effort and can be activated just by the touch of a button.

Both brands offer very similar options by providing a range of different motions for positioning such as rocking, swiveling, etc. Even the ability to recline the back of the seat without the leg rest as well.

Now to conclude, buying a reclining chair is quite an investment. I tried to be detailed here. If you have further recommendations, feel free to say that in the comment section. I will add them here later.