Steelcase Leap vs Aeron: Best Comparison in 2022

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It’s essential to have a high-quality ergonomic office chair, particularly if you spend a lot of time at a desk. It may mean the difference between feeling like a mess and having a great day at work.

Today, we’re going to compare two of the world’s most renowned chairs. The Aeron by Herman Miller and the Leap by Steelcase are flagship seats from the globe’s two leading office furniture brands. Each chair is backed by the finest guarantee and arrives fully constructed at your doorstep.

The policies for these two chairs are alike, yet the chairs themselves are quite distinct. Which option is ideal for you will be determined by your office arrangement preferences? Let’s take a deeper look at both of them and see a battle between Steelcase Leap vs Aeron.

Comparison Chart: At A Glance

Steelcase Leap Herman Miller Aeron
Steelcase Gesture Chair Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Item Weight 41 pounds ‎48 pounds
Product Dimensions 21.75"D x 27"W x 38.5"H 16.75"D x 27"W x 41"H
Room Type Office Office
Form Factor Upholstered Metal
Material Textile Recycled Material
Warranty 12-year warranty 12-year warranty
Price Check Price Check Price

Steelcase Leap vs Aeron [Similarities & Difference]

Steelcase Leap vs AeronIt’s difficult to choose a winner in this case, but you can’t go wrong with any of these seats. Still, because a chair like this is such a large investment, you’ll want to be sure it satisfies all of your requirements in terms of comfort, aesthetics, stability, adjustability, ergonomics, and other factors.

Because you’ll most likely be spending much time in this chair, you should complete your study first. This is where we can help!

Design & Build Quality

These are the best chairs with the outstanding build quality. One of the frequent features we’ve noticed across items at this construction level is that they’re created with parts designed particularly for them. These high-end brands do not construct their chairs using bulk components off the market. As a result, we’ve noticed that the degree of detail in the pieces is higher.

The Aeron Chair is well-made overall, with the best quality steel, plastic materials, and molded aluminum. When sitting on the chair, there are no pieces that are unstable or incorrectly installed. and everything slides effortlessly. The Aeron is stuffed with the finest mesh available.

The Steelcase Leap chair has a very distinct feel to it. It is manufactured from high-quality plastics used throughout the design. Steelcase chose plastics to allow them to make the chair lightweight and flexible. This design is centered on creating a chair that allows for mobility. All of the plastic elements on the Leap are made perfectly, fitting together neatly and without any weak parts.

The Aeron office chair’s shape is entirely made up of ergonomic curves, with no sharp edges to be seen. The back of the chair is made of a mesh material, which allows you to view the chair’s framework structure. This foundation is also substantial since it supports the chair’s whole back. It comes in three major colors: graphite that is black for a sleek aesthetic, carbon that is a neutral tone, and mineral for a fresh and lighter appearance. The satin finish on the metal frame gives it a very elegant and professional appearance.

Excluding the mesh material, the Steelcase Leap Office Chair has a similar shape to the Aeron, with a comfortable back and seat. The Leap’s construction, on the other hand, is less visible. It’s tough black plastic. The color scheme is more diverse than the Aeron’s. You may pick from fifteen distinct shades! The Leap comes with a black framework and wheelbase with all other color shades. The Leap chair’s overall design is both functional and elegant. All of the essential features of this chair are slimmed down to appear good in your office.

Ergonomic Adjustments

These two chairs were good examples of how to construct an ergonomic chair in a variety of ways. Both chairs are ergonomic, however, the Leap chair has a lot more adjustment options than the Aeron.

Even though Aeron is an ergonomic chair, it does not have a lot of adjustment options. It has 3D arms, adjustable seat height, and adjustable forward seat tilt. You can also choose two alternative lumbar support systems. However, this chair lacks three key elements and those are, seat depth, arm width, and adjustable backrest. Each of these is critical if you want a comfortable zone in your office.

The Leap chair, on the other hand, has all of the ergonomic settings except for the back height adjustment. On the Leap chair, you may change the seat height and depth, as well as the lumbar adjustments, and 4D arms are also available. As a result, you’re more likely to be able to adjust to the Leap to fit your body better than the Aeron.


Both chairs are extremely comfortable and include a variety of adjustments to fit the demands of different users.

Back Support

The contour of the backrest gives a natural lumbar curve, while the mesh provides good support in the Aeron Chair. The Posture-Fit SL lumbar support is one of the main attractions of the Aeron. This feature is the Aeron chair’s most comprehensive lumbar support modification. This lumbar support device is positioned vertically and thus has depth adjustability, so you can customize the level of support for your spine as needed.

The backrest of the Leap chair is similar to the seat and the user can move freely while being seated. LiveBack Technology is built on the foundation of this Leap movement. The lumbar support technology from Leap features two separate modifications and these are lower pressure and lumbar posture. Set your chair’s lumbar level to a full 5 inches to keep your lower back pain-free even if you’re working long hours. You can adjust tension for the lower back by turning the knob twice to increase it all the way. Both of these functions work well and allow you to customize the levels of assistance you receive when resting on the chair.

Armrest Comfort

The armrests of the Aeron chair were three-dimensional, with pivot, height, and depth modifications. Aeron has both fixed and height-adjustable arms. The Aeron’s arms are connected to the seat’s backrest. If you choose to lean in your chair, the arms move in tandem with the backrest, providing excellent arm and shoulder comfort. The Aeron’s arm pads are soft and pleasant, so if you like this sort of arm pad, you’ll probably appreciate it.

The Leap’s arms include four-dimensional arm pads that may be adjusted in width, depth, height, and pivot. Steelcase also provides two alternative arm options: a height-adjustable arm and no arm. The Leap chair arms may be adjusted in a variety of ways, which is likely why they outperform the Aeron. While not as soft as the Aeron’s, the pads are nonetheless pleasant and do not appear as hard as some of the other seats.

Seat Comfort

The seat of the Aeron chair is covered with Pellicle mesh fabric and has a hard-outer frame design. When pressed against it, the Pellicle mesh feels pleasant. The seat continues to provide a strong sitting sensation. However, the frame’s structure has a problem, particularly in the side bolster, which can cause pressure zones on the side of your hips if the seat pan isn’t the proper size for your physique.

The sitting experience in the Leap chair is considerably different from that of the Aeron. Leap’s seat pad has a greater benefit with a more typical cushioned seat. The Leap doesn’t have a very thick seat pad, but the cushion’s quality keeps you from sinking. The front of the seat pan is also adjustable, which adds comfort to the seat by decreasing pressure that may otherwise cause discomfort beneath your legs.


Two of the costliest items on the chart are the Aeron and the Leap. A set of responsibilities comes with that budget. Unlike most low-cost furniture of this size, Herman Miller and Steelcase have chosen to assemble their products before shipping them out to the customers. Both companies supply their chairs fully constructed. So, you don’t need to waste your time assembling the components of the chair.

Your new chair can be delivered directly to your door using regular couriers like FedEx or UPS. Just make a gap on the side or top of the package, and you can take the chair out and enjoy using it. This is a terrific method to save time if you’re not into assembling or organizing.

Warranty & Return Policy

A 12-year warranty is included with both the Aeron and the Steelcase, with no limitations. However, Herman offers a warranty on any of the chair’s parts, whereas Steelcase only offers a warranty if you remain within the basic standard upholstery grade. Both warranties cover the mechanism, upholstery, casters, cushioning, frame, and much more.

Their warranties include 24/7 use and a weight limit of 300 pounds for Herman and 400 pounds for Steelcase.
If an Aeron requires field service, Herman Miller will either send a technician or pay for the task. Steelcase takes a unique approach for warranty coverage. Any product, part, or component that breaks under normal usage will be repaired or replaced with a comparable product and without charge. Steelcase will issue a refund or credit for the damaged product if a repair or replacement is not commercially feasible.

Both brands are confident in their abilities to fit people into their signature chairs and promise hassle-free returns. You have a 30-day trial period to try out each chair. If you don’t like it, contact Herman Miller or Steelcase, and they’ll organize for a pickup. It’s crucial to keep your original packaging because returns aren’t possible without it. The cost of return shipping is included, so there is no risk.


The Aeron and Leap chairs are both high-end chairs with the Aeron being the costliest of the two. The Aeron chair’s cost begins at $920, while the Leap chair begins at $811.

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The Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap share a lot of nice features, such as adjustability and ergonomics. However, the Aeron’s lasting impact outperforms the Leap in crucial aspects such as sitting capacity and materials. However, it depends on your preference which one to choose according to your budget and the chair’s properties.