Steelcase Leap V2 Review [Find Out Why You Should Buy This Chair?]

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The majority of us work eight hours a day, if not more, sitting in an office chair. Uncomfortable chairs may divert the attention away from the job at hand, or worse, cause aches and pains or intensify existing back problems.

The right office chairs should be adjustable to fit the body in several positions. The chair should provide and support at all times even after someone changes his or her position continuously throughout the day.

For this reason, we found the Steelcase Leap V2 office chair which has some amazing features and provides you the ultimate support.

Steelcase Leap V2 Review


  • Seat Height: 16” – 20.5”
  • Seat Depth: 15.75” – 18.75” D
  • Seat Width: 19.25”
  • Arm Height: 7” – 11”
  • Arm Width: 12.75” – 20”
  • Back Height/Width: 25” H / 18” W
  • Overall: 24.75” D x 27” W x 38.5” – 43.5” H
  • Weight Rating: 400 lbs.
Steelcase Leap V2 Review

Design & Build Quality:

Design of Steelcase LeapThe Steelcase Leap V2 looks like a standard office chair. The chair is not fancy but the ergonomic curves give off a classy vibe. It has a wide range of colors to choose from.

The chair was made in Mexico, and the fit and finish were flawless throughout. When you spend more than $1,000, your hopes are unquestionably higher than when you pay $200. The Steelcase Leap chair was perfect in every way, and it was well worth the money when it came to creating quality alone.

A lot of plastics were used to make Steelcase Leap, which helped to keep the chair’s total weight low. It also permitted the chair to be flexible in places where good support was needed. The adjustable back helps the lower portion of the back to lean forward to have strong lower support, while the upper portion tilts away. The front part of the seat pan is also flexible. You can adjust throughout the day since it moves with you.

Ergonomic Adjustments:

Leap is an ergonomic chair with a lot of adjustments. It provides standard adjustments by allowing seat depth and height, arm pivot, lumbar. The only setback Leap has is the back height adjustment and flexibility, tilt lock position, and extra points section.


Comfort of Steelcase Leap V2This is the main essence of the chair. An office chair without comfort is like a birthday party without a cake.

  • Back Support: The back support provided by every office chair is one of the most key aspects. Steelcase discovered that back support isn’t a constant feature while designing the Leap Chair. Alternatively, the chair should be able to assist you when you move with the chair throughout the day. This is why Leap Chairs use LiveBack technology.
    In the first adjustment, you can move the lumbar support vertically and horizontally the backrest. Second, you can change the backrest’s stiffness to make it feel more or less pronounced.
  • Armrest Comfort: The Leap arm pads are extremely soft to the contact. The arms also have a greater range of movement to accommodate the needs of most people. Arms have depth, width, height, and pivot adjustments.
  • Seat Comfort: Leap has a thinner seat pad for which anyone can sit for a longer period without feeling any discomfort. The seat pad’s front third is adjustable, making for more natural chair movement.


One of the great features of the Steelcase Leap chair is that it arrives completely assembled. What you have to do now is take the chair out of the package and rip away from the basic coverage.


The Steelcase Leap comes with one of the industry’s finest warranties. The chair’s frame is guaranteed for the lifetime of the real owner. For 12 years, the mechanisms, gas containers, arms, foam lining, and casters are covered.

  • Return Policy: Steelcase chairs provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no restocking costs and free return shipment. To claim a complete refund, the chair must be delivered in fresh shape and the original packaging.


You can get the most common form of Steelcase Leap chair above $800. But this model does not offer standard upholstery and carpet casters. You need to buy them separately and by adding additional kinds of stuff the price of the chair increases gradually.

Other Options of Steelcase Leap V2:

Other Features

  • Upholstery Options: The Leap Chair is available in a variety of upholstery options. From basic materials that are provided in the cost to higher-end upholsteries that cost an extra $56, there are all the varieties. You can add leather as well according to your will.
  • Mechanism Options: Steelcase Leap does not offer any customized mechanism. But they are not needed anyway because many of their provided mechanisms allow for a wide range of adjustments.
  • Cylinder Options: The height of the cylinder can be adjusted in two ways. The first one is the standard height, which ranges from 16 to 20.5 inches long. As a result, a vast number of individuals will be able to sit comfortably in a standard-height chair. The stool height cylinder is the second one. The chair is available in a variety of heights ranging from 22″ to 30″.
  • Wheel/Caster Options: Caster options are of two types. The standard carpet casters are standard for commercial carpets. They are large enough to fit on a medium-pile carpet. But for hard surfaces like wood or concrete, hard floor casters are preferable.

What I Like:

  • Provides excellent warranty
  • Weight capacity is 400lbs.
  • Seat comfort is very good
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Arms are very adjustable
  • Ergonomic adjustments have a wide range
  • Built quality is outstanding

What I Don’t Like:

  • Price is a bit high
  • Back-height adjustment is absent
  • The seat and back might get warm when used for a longer period.

Overall, Steelcase Leap V2 is one of the best office chairs. It provides sufficient comfort and support throughout the day in the office. It is fully adjusted to the body so the position of the body can be changed easily without losing support.

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