Hoover WindTunnel Reviews in 2022: Find out the Best

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Buyers GuideHoover! One of the topnotch brands of cleaning world has released their cleaner in a version named as WindTunnel.

Yes, Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner, the name itself expresses that they include power and energy.

And this energetic cleaner has been modified and re-modified by the brand and they released the Hoover WindTunnel 2 and Hoover WindTunnel 3 with improving features as per the needs of the customers.

So, what’s the difference between them? We are here to present you the Hoover WindTunnel 2 reviews and the Hoover WindTunnel 3 reviews so that you can understand which one you should get!

Comparison Chart Between Hoover WindTunnel 2 and 3

What is the different between the Hoover WindTunnel 2 and 3? Before going to the details, let us go through a comparison chart first to know about the competition of WindTunnel 2 vs. 3!

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Item Weight 56.3 pounds 51 pounds
Product Dimensions 23.63 x 34.63 x 44.25 inches 28 x 27 x 38.25 inches
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Form Factor Upholstered Upholstered
Material Textile Recycled Material
Warranty 12 Years (Lifetime warranty on the frame) 12 Years
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Hoover WindTunnel Reviews in 2022 

Hoover WindTunnel Reviews

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Reviews

WindTunnel 2 ReviewsThe Hoover WindTunnel 2 UH71250 model is renowned as the whole house rewind upright vacuum cleaner in the market.

This cleaner is a full sized cleaner so if you need to use the cleaner for your whole house without any second thought, get this one.

The price of the cleaner is not very much high. You can easily take a step and buy it to check its performance.

No matter it is about the powerful suction or the durability, WindTunnel 2 overcomes all.

The functionality is amazing and the performance is outstanding. Us it every day, you will see no change in the performance, that’s how Hoover works!

There are a lot of Hoover WindTunnel 2 Reviews but we are providing you the best review. Why?It is because we ensure detailed feature and the petite specifics. Let us know how actually Hoover WindTunnel 2 works for you!


The first thing you want to know about any vacuum cleaner is how it performs and if we judge Hoover in terms of performance, then we can say that you will get the best outcome at a reasonable price.

They say “name is enough” and if you are evaluating Hoover vacuum cleaners, actually the name is enough.

On Carpet

This WindTunnel 2 is exceptionally perfect for the floor if you have carpet on it. No matter the pile is low or medium, the performance remains the same.

Even on the plush pile, you will get the same cleaning effect whenever you clean your carpet.

The filtration system basically includes a HEPA A-Class Media Filter which is washable.

The brush roll of the cleaner is able to go inside and bring out the dirt that I trapped.

After each cleaning, you will see your carpet clean and groomed. It has a 13.5 Inches cleaning path and so you can easily move the cleaner and clean the whole surface easily.

The powerful, suction of this vacuum cleaner is a gem in picking out dirt from the carpet and cleans it from the core.

You will also get one adjustable nozzle with this WindTunnel kit by Hoover. No matter what carpet you are cleaning, this cleaner can adjust with any height easily as it has the adjustable height feature.

You get the opportunity to clean different types of the floor without any hassle if you have the Hoover WindTunnel 2.

Hardwood Floor

How does the WindTunnel works when you do not have carpet and you have hardwood floor?

When it comes to the smooth floor, the features of the Hoover WindTunnel also support it.

With this vacuum cleaner, you get the ability to separate the brush roll. Not only this, but you also get the opportunity to use this feature with the help of one touch only.

If you are worried about the pet litter, you do not need to worry anymore!

Telescopic Wand

If you have a house that has high ceilings, this vacuum cleaner will be a great deal for you.

This cleaner includes one telescopic wand and the wand will afford you a reach of 16 inches.

If you want to get the highest reach, go for the 12-foot stretch hose. If cleaning ceiling fan is a must for you, purchase one Hoover WindTunnel 2 for getting the best outcome.

Brush and Accessories

This cleaner has one pivoting dusting brush and if your concern is hygiene, this Hoover cleaner tries its bets to afford you the perfect cleaning.

This is also great if you want to clean the ceiling fan. You can extend it up to 8 feet.

Along with the brush, this cleaner has Pet Turbo Tool so that you can clean the pet hair if you have a pet in your house.

The Crevice Tool of this cleaner will allow you the opportunity to clean any surface which is very much narrow.

It allows you access to those place and cleans them for you. You also get multi-floor brush roll for cleaning different floors.

No matter what kind of floor you have, the best part about this cleaner is you can clean any type of floor perfectly with this vacuum cleaner.

It includes 5 different positions so that you can clean the surfaces of any height from any position.

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Reviews

When it comes to the Hoover WindTunnel 3, this is the upgraded version of the WindTunnel 2 by Hoover.

The flaws WindTunnel 2 had, has been solved in the newer version of this specific vacuum cleaner.

This cleaner is basically an upright vacuum cleaner and it is also corded just like the WindTunnel 2.

This bagless cleaner is told to be one of the best cleaners for pet hair. If compared to the WindTunnel 2, this WindTunnel 3 is great in terms of cleaning pet fur.

Hoover has never disappointed their customers in terms of performance. It has the same durable body and the same powerful suction.

If you are searching for a powerful airflow, this is what you should get.

This will not only amaze you with features but will also clean your house with perfection.

This cleaner has the same features included which are added to the WindTunnel 2 and so we are not reviewing the same features again and again.

All the features added to the previous version are added here too. So we are going to review the additional features that have been added to this newer version.

Let us know about the features and the positive aspects of this vacuum cleaner.


The most important thing about a cleaner is the performance and WindTunnel by Hoover have always done a great job in cleaning.

This cleaner has high airflow and high suction to clean every kind of floors.

With this cleaner, you get brush roll which is crafted for the faster cleaner. The technology is named as QUICKPASS and you will be able to clean the surface with only one pass.

You will not need to clean the surface, again and again, to make it clean properly. This cleaner is best for the carpets.


When Hoover says WINDTUNNEL, it really means that the tunnel is on! Yes, the airflow will never let you down.

The WindTunnel is basically a trademark technology of the brand Hoover.

This amazing vacuum cleaner will not only clean the house but will also create an airflow of 3 channels.

No matter what, the amount of airflow this cleaner releases will lift all of the dirt from your floor and remove them to afford you amazingly tidy surface.

You are worried about the carpet! Are you tensed about the surface underneath the furniture? No more worries.

You can clean any place easily with the high suction of the WindTunnel 3. The suction of this cleaner has been improved if compared to the previous versions of WindTunnel.


If you have a small house, the dustbin will never be an issue. If you have a medium to a large house, dustbin is very much important.

If your cleaner does not have a large dustbin, you will need to clean your dustbin again and again in the middle of the cleaner.

This cleaner has a dirt bin of medium capacity. It can hold up to 0.37 gallons of dust.

If you are irritated with your dirty hands while cleaning the dirt bin, then this cleaner will help you out.

It has one bottom-release button. All you have to do is take this cleaner over a larger bin and push the button. It will release all the dirt that is inside the cleaner.


This cleaner by Hoover includes HEPA filter along with a layer of carbon. If you are an allergen, you do not need to worry anymore.

This cleaner will lock all the dirt inside the bin and will not let the dirt mix up with the air of your house anymore.

It is able to trap around 99.9% of dirt inside the bin. It also uses the new filtration named as Cyclonic filtration.

This amazing filtration includes 12 cyclones to keep your house safe from dirt.


When it comes to accessories, the WindTunnel 2 will blow up your mind. You will get the telescopic extension wand so that you can clean the areas where your hands cannot go.

It also has crevice tool so that you are able to clean the cracks. If you are concerned about pet hair, go for this as the cleaner is well known for cleaning pet hair.

It has a Pet Turbo tool to adjust to your pet! The cord is of 40 feet and the nozzle is of 15 inches. It also includes LED lighting feature.

Which one to choose? [Hoover WindTunnel 2 vs 3]

Hoover-WindTunnel-2-vs-3Though the Hoover WindTunnel 2 has accessories for cleaning pet hair, according to the field experience, this is not perfect for picking up the dirt that is loose.

The clingy dirt is tough to clean with this cleaner.

The price of the Hoover WindTunnel is a little less. If you want an affordable cleaner with a lightweight body, you can get this as it has an impeccable cleaner.

The WindTunnel 3 has a longer cord, higher reach and pet hair cleaning tool. Along with these, this cleaner includes Cyclonic filtration. This cleaner is a little heavy weighted and a little pricey.

If you have no issues with weight and price, get this one as it includes the better feature.

Ultimate Decree

Both of the cleaners are great in terms of features and performance. The weight and price vary and in some cases, some added feature are different too.

We have added all the details along with the positive and the negative phases of the products in our Hoover WindTunnel Reviews.

Go through them properly and you will be able to pick the best one for you!

Till then, stay safe and stay clean! Cleanliness is a must and so is a vacuum cleaner!