Bissell Spinwave Reviews: Is this Worth Your Money in 2022?

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Best Bissell Spinwave ReviewsAre you thinking that this is a steam mop?

If you are thinking this is a steam mop, you are wrong. But this model by Bissell is crafted to afford you clean your floor keeping the hardwoods undamaged.

When you are working with hardwood, there is a chance of damaging the floor. These kind of delicate floors are likely to get damaged if the cleaner is not perfect.

So, what’s the way of working?

The performance of the Bissell Spinwave cleaner is eye-catching. They are basically designed to afford you a sparkling hard floor.

If you are worried about the floor of your house and you want mop that is tough for the regular floor and gentle for the hardwood floor, pick this up.

We, here, are presenting the two best versions of Bissell Spinwave Cleaner Mops so that you can go through them and choose the best one for you.

Bissell SpinWave Reviews: 2 Best Models Compared

Bissell Spinwave Reviews

Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop 2039A

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A

This cleaner by Bissell has two different spinning pads. They will help you scrubbing the whole floor effortlessly.

You only need to push it a little. No matter where the dirt is, it will find them and clean the whole surface.

If you need to clean under the furniture or go through the corners of your house, feel to free to take it anywhere. It will never disappoint you.

The steam technology is not added with this Spinwave cleaner by Bissell rather this brand uses a solution of water for cleaning bissell spinwave hard floor such as the vinyl, tiles or linoleums.

Go for any small or tight spaces, your Bissell will never let you down. When it’s about cleaning the Bissell Spinwave is always there for you!

Things We Liked

  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Includes two different types of pads
  • Lightweight
  • Long cord length
  • Includes multi-surface formula
  • Swivel steering
  • Available in 3 different colors

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No wood formula added
  • Includes fewer pads
  • The absence of carrying handle

Let us know why this one stands in the higher position than the other mops of the market.

Spin Pads

After you get you Bissell Spinwave, you will get to know that this mop includes two different pads.

The first one is named as a scrubby pad. The second pad is named as the soft touch pads.

Yes, there are different workspaces of these two types of pads. If you want to clean the whole house properly, both of these pads are needed.

The scrubby pads are perfect for cleaning any sticky surface of your house. There are times when your kids drop some sticky products on the floor and it creates a mess.

To clean this messy surface, you need the scrubby pads. These will clean the sticky place to make it sparkling.

Do you have a floor which is made of sealed hardwood?

If your house includes hardwood floor then the soft touchpads are going to help you. These pads are designed to afford you gentle scrubbing facility.

If you want to clean under the furniture, this soft touch pads can go there and clean it properly. The corners of the houses are usually very much dirty.

If you have a hardwood floor, the corners will always drag you into difficulties.

This is where the soft touch pads aid you. The pads made of hard material may easily damage your hardwood floor.

In this case, using soft touch pads are safer than going for any other option. The mops pads are washable too.

Spray Technology

The best fact about the Bissell Spinwave cleaner is the spaying technology. The other cleaners of the market may demand a lot of money form you but will not provide this kind of facilities in general.

This Spinwave 2039A by Bissell afford you one of the most needed facilities.

There is a part of the Spinwave cleaner where you will be able to add a specific amount of Multi-surface formula.

We all know the wet pads can clean any surface more perfectly than dry pads. Keeping this general term in mind, the Bissell Spinwave uses their Spray technology to clean floor appropriately.

The multi-surface formula is basically one sort of solution. It will aid you in removing the messes on your floor so that you floor sparkles just like your jewelry.

You have to keep in mind that this technology is an On-Demand technology. You can use it anytime you want and all you have to do is PUSH the button once.

You can also push the button to stop the cleaner using the Spray technology and use the cleaner in

Specific Details

The weight of this Bissell Spinwave 2039A is about 9.5 pounds. You can bear it anywhere you want.

The dimensions are 8 inches x 16 inches x 45 inches. The cleaning surface of this cleaner is long enough to clean the whole house at once. It is about 14 inches.

The cord of this cleaner is added to the whole kit. Whenever you are working with your cleaner, you can use it anywhere keeping the cord connected to the socket.

The length of the cord is around 22 ft. and so, it can easily guide a large house.

Bissell Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner 20391

Bissell Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner 20391

If you want the improvised version of all the Bissell Spinwave mops, get the Bissell Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner 20391.

This model will be just great if your house includes a hard floor. The regular floors usually need a little less attention but the hard floors are usually very much delicate.

Though they are named as HARD FLOOR, these sorts of floor need additional attention.

You cannot use any mop here and you cannot also use any kind of solution also.

You have to very much careful about what you are using. If you have the 20391 version of the Bissell Spinwave Plus, you are already there to get the best outcome from a mop. You do not need to worry anymore.

The natural shine of the wooden floor is given the highest importance when it comes to the Spinwave models by Bissell.

Things We Liked

  • Includes two different types of pads
  • Best for hardwood floor
  • Includes multi-surface formula
  • Has wood formula
  • Long cord length
  • Adequate quantity of pads
  • Available in 3 different colors

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy
  • No carry handle included

Mop Pads

The most important thing about the cleaning mops is the cleaning pads.

If you have cleaning pads that can afford you faster cleaning with an incredible performance, we highly recommend that for you. The cleaning pads by Bissell are usually available in two different types.

Just like the previous model of Bissell, this mop also has two brush-rolls or mop pads.

ust like the previous model of Bissell, this mop also has two brush-rolls or mop pads.

If you want to clean any sticky surface of your house, you have to choose the scrubby pads.

These pads are enough soft for the hardwood floor but are enough tough for cleaning the sticky surface. With this amazing Bissell Spinwave Plus model, you will get two scrubby pads.

These pads will do their work whenever you get a surface that’s humid or steamy.

Another type of pads which are called the soft mop pads is great for any hardwood floor.

To clean the hardwood floor or any hard surface where you want to clean the surface yet you require keeping the place damage-free, use these pads. You get 4 soft pads with each mop by Bissell Spinwave Plus Mop.

Multi-surface Formula

The Bissell Spinwave Plus Model also features the spraying technology. This is an on-demand technology and you can use it anytime you want.

Every Spinwave Plus model by Bissell includes one multi-surface formula so that you can use it as a spray to clean your sticky and messy floor.

The amount of the formula is about 8 oz. When it comes to messes, you can be tough on them for proper cleaning. If the floor is hardwood, you can go for gentle cleaning with the spray.

You can clean the floor by using the spray and to do this you only need to use the spray trigger.

You have the whole control over the formula. You can decide how much formula you want to use.

Wood Floor Formula

If you evaluate the cleaner in terms of the other cleaners by Bissell, you will get to know that this one is the best for hardwoods.

This cleaner includes one additional wood floor formula with it so that you can use this formula whenever you are cleaning your wooden floor.

The multi-surface formula is best for the regular floor and you can use the wood floor formula for the hard floor to get an amazing finish.

Specific Features

There are a lot of cleaning mops that create noise. Thanks to the technologies by the Bissell, you will get a powerful performance but you will find no noise at all!

The mop pads of this cleaning mop are washable. You can wash them whenever you feel that they are dirty.

The cord of this cleaner is about 22 feet. So, you can use it anywhere and have fun using it in your whole house. You will face no difficulties carrying it.

This cleaning mop is basically made for the tile and sealed wood surface. You can sue this for the linoleum, vinyl and laminate floors too.

The weight of this cleaner is about 11 lbs. which may make you feel that it is a little heavier than the previous one.

Best Overall: Bissell Spinwave vs. Spinwave Plus

When it comes to the comparison of the Bissell Spinwave Plus vs. Spinwave, there are not so many differences.

They are just the different versions of the same models. The Bissell Spinwave Plus is the improvised version of the Bissell Spinwave.

If you evaluate the two versions of the same models in terms of practical use and Bissell Spinwave Reviews, you will get to know that both versions have the identical performance.

The basic differences are the mops pads. The Spinwave version has 2 soft mop pads where the Spinwave Plus has got 4 soft mop pads.

You will get one Wood Floor Formula t clean the hard surface with the Spinwave Plus version. Though the features are great, the Spinwave Plus is heavier than the Spinwave version.

Ultimate Decree

The final choice is always yours. Choose anyone and have fun!

If you are still confused in between these two, let us tell you that if you want more feature in one model then go for the Bissell Spinwave Plus model and if you are requiring something affordable, select the Bissell Spinwave version.

Cleaning should be enjoyment. Let us know about your experience!