Bissell PowerForce Helix Reviews: Is it Worthy in 2022?

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Bissell PowerForce HelixAre you searching for the best vacuum cleaner in an affordable price range?

Are you craving to read the Bissell PowerForce Helix Reviews so that you can select the best one from their brand?

We look upon your requirements very carefully and so we are here with two reasonable yet sturdy vacuum cleaners for you.

Yes, we have come before you with the Bissell PowerForce Helix Review. The two bests of the brand named Bissell PowerForce Helix 1700 and the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo 1701 are competitors of the same company.

We know that the competition is also going on in your mind! And to draw the fine line between them, we are here!

Bissell PowerForce Helix Reviews – 2 Best Models Compared

1. Bissell PowerForce Helix 1700 Bagless Upright Reviews

Bissell PowerForce Helix 1700

They say BISSELL, the name is enough. Why?

It is because this brand has introduced amazing features in the vacuum cleaning world. To keep your place healthy and hygienic, this cleaner is the perfect one to go for.

The cleaners by Bissell are great in performance but when you come to the price point, they are incredibly affordable.

If you are a lover of a reasonable vacuum cleaner with modest cleaning technologies, you should pick up this Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum 1700.

From the bare floor to carpeted one, it will never disappoint you with its performance. Let us jump into the remarkable specifications of the product so that you can know more about it.


As we have always said, performance is the meter of evaluation when you are selecting any vacuum cleaner.

You purchase vacuum cleaner to clean your house and if the cleaner does not clean your house properly then there is no use of spending money over technical stuff that has no work rather than reducing space in your house.

Bissell Powerful Helix Vacuum 1700 is great no because of the low price point but for the performance it provides.

This vacuum cleaner is available in a bagless version and it is an upright vacuum cleaner.

The bagless design is great for you and it is very easy to empty. You do not need to worry about emptying the cleaner as it is effortless to operate.

There are people who get irritated because cleaning the dirt cup usually makes their hand dirty. The bagless vacuum cleaners the best choice for them.


When we talk about the suction of the Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum, you will find fewer cleaners that afford you such good quality suction in such an affordable rate.

The powerful suction takes away all the dirt from your floor and makes your home neat and clean.

This works great on the tiles floor and cleans the tiled floor in just one pass.

If you are thinking that it is not good on the carpeted floor then you are wrong. With the high suction, it can take out all the dirt and debris from the inner part of the carpet and sucks them up.

With the strong suction, you will be able to clean the low piled carpets. Even the stairs of your house can be cleaned by this powerful cleaner named Bissell.

If you are worried about your upholstery, let us tell you that you do not need to be tensed anymore.

If you have Bissell PowerForce 1700, leave the work for it! It will gift you spotless floor!


Filtration is very much important because if the dirt you gathered from your floor gets mixed up with the air of your house then it can be even more detrimental.

For the allergen, the dirt of the air can hamper their health. Even if you are not an allergen, you should go for a cleaner which has a great filtration system.

Helix affords you multi-level filtration method so that you can get a clean floor with clean air!

The filters of this cleaner are washable. You can wash them and get them back to the newer version whenever you want.

With this cleaner by Bissell, you will get the dirt separation technology of Helix. This technology allows you to stay hygienic all day long.

Cleaning Technology

Bissell PowerForce Helix 1700 Vacuum Cleaner has a rotatable brush so that it can go deep inside the cleaner and can clean it to the core.

On the carpets, this technology works best as it can clean the carpets properly. The cleaning path of this cleaner is about 13 Inches wide.

This cleaner is very much lightweight and you will also be able to adjust the height of the cleaner.

The height can be adjusted in 5 different positions. The dirt cup is on 1 liter and you will also be given a warranty of 2 years.

The power cord of this cleaner is of 23 Inches and you can stretch this cleaner to 5 feet.


According to the price, this cleaner is highly affordable. This cleaner has the most interesting features added to this but the price point is low.

There are people who are up for a moderate vacuum cleaner at a reasonable rate and they should select this.

It will provide powerful suction, fast cleaning, and low maintenance cost.

2. Bissell PowerForce 1701 Helix Turbo Reviews

Bissell PowerForce Helix 1701

The other amazing vacuum cleaner in the bagless model is the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Vacuum 1701.

This one is basically the upgraded version of the Helix 1700. Most of the features of the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo 1701 Vacuum Cleaner are the same as the PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum 1701 by Bissell.

As an updated version, this cleaner has some new features added. Along with the new features, this cleaner has also improved the previous attributes and made them stronger to afford you the ultimate clean and tidy house.

From a range of height adjustments to the large dustbin, this cleaner will never let you down when it comes to the performance.

Let us know the reason for choosing this cleaner and the positive phases of this vacuum cleaner.


Performance is the key to the best pick if it is about cleaning your house. Cleaning house is not easy but to make the task easier, you usually get a vacuum cleaner.

But if your vacuum cleaner fails to perform its task then there is no use of buying a cleaner worth hundreds of dollar.

So, before buying, know about the performance of the cleaner and if you are up for buying a Bissell vacuum cleaner, we would be glad to suggest you this PowerForce Helix Turbo 1701 cleaner.

This cleaner works perfectly on the regular floor. If you have tiled floor, you will be amazed at the ideal performance it affords you.

Just like the previous version, it will work in a flawless manner if you use this cleaner on the carpeted floor.

The carpeted floor is not easy to clean as they preserve so much dirt. This cleaner by Bissell can go inside the carpets and can clean the whole thing tremendously.

Floor Setting

This cleaner has adjustable settings for cleaning carpets. It will perform perfectly both on the hardwood floor and on the carpets.

With this cleaner, you will get one Bare-Floor setting. As the cleaner goes perfect for the carpets, you can also turn the cleaner into a vacuum cleaner which cleans the bare floor even more perfectly.

So cleaning bare floor is not tough for you anymore. Get a flawless bare floor with only two passes!

The bagless design of this cleaner will afford you the ability to clean this cleaner effortlessly.

Whenever the cleaner is full of dirt, you can easily empty the bin without getting your hands dirty.

Filtration Method

The filtration methods of the Helix vacuum cleaners by Bissell are crafted with the moderate filters.

Just like the filter of the Bissell PowerForce 1700, this filter of this 1701 model is also washable.

Whenever your cleaner gets dirty, you have the opportunity to clean them with the proper wash. The dirt bin of this cleaner is moderate.

If you have a small to medium house, you can easily clean the whole house without cleaning the dirt bin frequently.

There are so many brands that have filters that are not washable. The chief problem with the filters that are not washable is the maintenance cost you have to pay for new filters.

With the washable filters, you will not need to purchase new filters and can use the same filters by washing it for so many years. It will reduce additional cost.


This vacuum cleaner is rich in terms of the accessories it provides for cleaning your house from the depth.

All of the accessories are easy to assemble and even if you are a beginner, you can easily control this cleaner as per your requirements.

Along with the high suction, this vacuum also gives you the ability to clean pet hair properly. If you are a pet lover, this will make it up for cleaning the fur of your pet.

This cleaner also uses the Multi-Cyclonic technology for cleaning the surfaces faultlessly.

You will never see any loss of suction with this cleaner. The cleaning path of this cleaner is extra wide so that you can clean a larger place within a short period of time.

TurboBrush Tool

Do you think that this cleaner only includes the cleaning path?

No! This cleaner has an added feature named as the TurboBrush Tool.

This tool is the best accessory of this kit. The TurboBrush Tool works whenever you need the best outcome out of your cleaner.

The onboard tools are going to change your thought regarding the cleaner. This cleaner is lightweight yet has amazing accessories with it.

Which one to choose?

The extension wand is a little short and the filtrations of the cleaners are basic filtration.

If you want proper security then HEPA filtration is a must. As the prices of the cleaners are no very much high, the brand could not add the HEPA filtration.

There is no option for switching off the brush roll. The power cords are short.

Apart from some drawbacks, the performance will never dissatisfy you! These cleaners are a great to deal at a reasonable price.

If you have a small house then go for the Bissell PowerForce Helix 1700 model and if you want a cleaner for the pet hair and want the TurboBrush Tool then pick the Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo 1701 model.

The model 1701 is much more affordable and affords additional features.

Final Verdict

It depends on you, which one you are going to choose.

HomezTale has pointed out all the positive phases along with the drawbacks.

All you need to do is select any one of them and have the fun of cleaning the house properly.

You may ask what the differences between them are!

Unfortunately, there is no visible difference without the TurboBrush Tool and the length of the cleaning path. So, get anyone and have fun!