Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Troubleshooting: Ultimate Fix Guide

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Are you facing problems with your Ryobi 18v string trimmer? Then Ryobi 18v string trimmer troubleshooting can help you save time and extra repairing costs. But if you are facing something big issue, then you have to visit their service center. Otherwise, with the help of this article, you can solve most of the minor problems of the Ryobi 18v string trimmer.

With Ryobi 18v string trimmer, you can face various problems like failing to start, charging problems, faulty battery, and many more.

Here, I am trying to troubleshoot all the minor issues. So that you can fix your string trimmer by yourself without any hassle.

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Troubleshooting

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Troubleshooting

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Fails to Start

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Fails to Start

If your Ryobi 18v string trimmer is failed to start, then follow the steps given below;

  • First, check the spark plug.
  • Before putting the plug on the metal cylinder, Remove the plug first and then attach the spark plug cap again.
  • Pull the start rope and keep a close eye on the plug tip for a spark.
  • If there isn’t one, you’ll need to replace your trimmer’s spark plug.
  • Replace the spark plug and retest it.

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Battery Won’t Charge

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer Battery Won’t Charge

Do you think your battery is dead? If yes, then don’t worry; here, we will discuss the reason behind the dead battery and its solution.

There are three reasons behind the battery going dead.

  1. Charging Temperature
  2. Battery Terminal
  3. Sleep Mode
  • Charging Temperature: Make sure your battery is not too cold or too hot. Always try to charge the battery at room temperature.
  • Battery Terminal: It’s important to check the environment or charging area. Mare sure the charging area is clean.
  • Sleep Mode: Getting stuck in sleeping mode is a common problem with the Ryobi battery. Don’t worry; it can be fixed easily with ‘mini-charges’. First, insert the faulty battery inside the charger for a few seconds, and then remove the light flash. Repeat (UP to 30 min) this process until it has gained enough charge to ‘revive’ itself.

Alternative Power Source to Fix the Battery

Alternative Power Source to Fix the Battery

If you are a confident electrician, then you can do this process. You have to connect the battery to a power source in this process. To know more in detail, please follow the below steps:

  • Another battery (preferably of the same model) or a DC power source can be used.
  • Simply join the positive-positive and negative-negative contacts.
  • This must not be misunderstood! If it’s not P-P and N-N, your battery will be damaged.
  • Keep it for 5-10 minutes once it’s connected.

As already said, this is enough time to recharge the battery to the small percentage of charge it requires to work properly once more.

Check Battery and Charger with a Multimeter

Check Battery and Charger with a Multimeter

Do you want to check the battery voltage by yourself to make sure about the problem? Then follow the below steps:

  • First, we have to check our charger. 18V or more at minimum is okay.
  • All, okay? Then we have to check the battery.
  • As it fills up, the voltage will rise. In my opinion, it takes roughly 7 volts to charge it again fully.
  • Try checking the battery voltage and then performing a series of quick ‘mini-charges.’ The battery should then be checked one more.
  • Every time, the voltage should increase. When it’s above 7 volts, you should be fine to go.

Still, you are unable to identify the reason. Then it’s better to go to the nearest Ryobi distributer, where you can test both the battery and charger.

Else try to charge your battery with another charger. If the battery won’t charge, then your battery is faulty. Now try a different battery with your charger. If it’s not working, that means your charge is also faulty.

This may not solve the problem, but you can identify the problem.

At least if your Ryobi battery comes with 3 years warranty, then contact with Ryobi customer center; they will replace the battery.

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer’s Engine Starts but Won’t Accelerate: 

Ryobi 18v String Trimmers Engine Starts but Wont Accelerate

If your Ryobi 18v string trimmer starts but does not accelerate, then don’t worry, follow the below steps. Hope you can solve this problem.

  • Make sure you allow the engine to warm up completely. This should take about three minutes.
  • If it still does not accelerate, contact a service center.
  • If the engine starts but only runs at high speed at the half choke, your carburetor needs to be adjusted. (Ryobi recommends a technician to handle this job.)

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer won’t advance when using Ryobi’s EZ Line tap Advanced System

  • Make sure you don’t run out of string.
  • If necessary, replace the old string spool with a fresh one.
  • The string on the spool may have welded to itself. If you use silicone spray to lubricate the string, it should come loose.

It’s also possible that the string is too short or knotted on the spool. If this is the case, pull the strings while switching between applying pressure and releasing the spool retainer till the string is free.

Maybe your engine speed will become slow if the above steps cannot solve your problem. Instead, use full power to advance the string.

Finally, by following above troubleshooting steps, you can solve most of these common issues. However, contact a specialist if you face any complex hardware issues with your Ryobi 18v String Trimmer. As you are not a specialist, it will be difficult to solve any complex hardware difficulties by yourself.

So, suppose you do not find any solution from Ryobi 18v String Trimmer troubleshooting. In that case, it will be best to contact authentic customer care, which ensures you expert help and compatible replacement assistance.